QLD Gulf Flood Update - Feb 17, 2019

Here's some imagery captured today. While the floodwaters are receding, there is still close to 400km of the Flinders River all the way back to Julia Creek and Maxwelton with significant inundation. One of the worst flood disasters ever experienced in Australia is NOT over.

The floodwaters heading south have made their way down the Diamantina very quickly and have already reached the Birdsville Development Road ~60km upstream from Birdsville - The small silver lining.

As usual the images below can be download here https://bit.ly/2GtJbev

We will be continuing to process imagery in the months ahead to quantify the impact of the floods. If we can provide any assistance please contact email: ptickle@cibolabs.com.au

Mob: 0437593037

Take Care


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